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71 CL450 Cafe; The Beginnings.

The proverbial roadblock plays a vital role in life. It provides a test of mettle. They are the catalyst for growth and education- you just have to overcome them. Overcome them, before you’re dejected, to stay motivated and on track.

The problems begin when you don’t clear that roadblock. Duly, the project ends up on the back burner, under a tarp, for the entire winter. Where upon spring you find yourself with unidentifiable objects in hand, scratching your head, staring at what you’re pretty sure should be a Honda CL450.

“Where the hell does this thing go? Is this even part of a motorcycle?”


Last summer I nabbed this rough but running ‘71 CL450 off the sketchy grandness that is Craigslist. Unfortunately the previous owner swapped the coveted scrambler pipes for CB pipes. Sad day. But a running bike for $320 bucks? No complaints registered.


Yesterday, I heaved the frame from the damp depths of my dilapidated garage. The concept seemed simple. I already rebuilt the carburetors. All that leaves is hooping and painting the frame and reassembly. However, every piece down to each nut and bolt has been removed and then seemingly mixed up like I was drawing them for a raffle. The bike, identifiable only by the VIN tag riveted to the frame, is a big bite. A big bite that is far from coming out the other end as a beautiful, one of a kind(ish), scramber.

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